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Our research team has conducted both quantitative and qualitative research exploring the financial effects (medical costs, travel costs, lost income, etc.) of cancer diagnosis and treatment on patients and their families. To date the P-SAFE tool has been applied in breast, colorectal, head and neck, lung, and prostate cancers. A slightly modified version for caregivers (C-SAFE) has been applied in pediatric cancers.

Over the years, we have had numerous inquiries from other researchers who have been interested in using our questionnaires and/or qualitative scripts. In the past, we have agreed to share these tools but, unfortunately, have not tracked these requests.  We believe this is unfortunate as it does not allow us to effectively compare our results with those of our colleagues around the world.  In an effort to rectify this, we have developed this page with the hope that it will allow us to track the efforts of other researchers who choose to use our data capture tools.

If you are a researcher, Canadian or internationally based, and would like to use a version of the P-SAFE questionnaire (quantitative) or our qualitative script, you can register by emailing us at or by completing the form below. Although we do not charge any fees for the use of these tools, we expect that you will share your aggregate study results with the P-SAFE study team. While the data you share with us will not be included in the results of the current National P-SAFE study in Canada, it gives us a snapshot of the financial effects of cancer diagnosis and treatment in other jurisdictions for patients and their families.

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